The VERVE institute of design & vastu taught me so much. Interior design has always been a passion of mine. The verve was exactly what I needed to pursue my dream. I came to know about Gaurav sir ,my mentor through summer camps. He taught each and every small segment which will definitely help me in my future. We are taught subjects in details and every aspect is shown practically on site. I am here from last 10 months and I came across many other things. Being student of verve, I came to know how to communicate with clients, how to tackle the clients and how to present oneself in the competitive market. Verve taught me to be creative. The enhancement of creativity is essential part to be a designer. It’s a different place all together-where I enjoy in our working hours with full of fun and masti. I choose verve because of passion in interior designing. and my mentor gives best of his part of enhance the outstanding quality of each student and driving us up to the world standard. If you are looking for a place to study of what you need directly in friendly and healthy environment then VERVE is your choice.

Priyanka Vaishnav

Priyanka Vaishnav

This is the right place where we can fulfill our dream. I have found very positive change in myself since I get associated with VERVE The School of Design & Vastu and I am proud to join it for diploma in interior design. I had wasted ample of time & money just to get a right opportunity which suits my personality as well as my interest so here I found my real opportunity & interest. this the great creative environment and wonderful place for learning about creativity , design, drawing for the career objectives.

Himanshu Tewani

Himanshu Tewani 27 Jan 2016

First of all I’d like to say the opportunity of writing about my experience in VERVE the school of design & vastu is a great honor. ever since I stepped into Veve , I was able to discover skills & abilities that I was’nt aware of now all those , experience have helped me expand my horizon , driving me out of my limitations &experience so many new things. The faculty are tactful, lovely , easy going , friendly and perspective & have experience & necessary qualifications for teaching . I’ve gained a lot of incredible experience since I came here. There is always the desire to learn new things and acquire new knowledge. Then institute has nice vibe to it. I like that there’s always something going on &the cultured diversity of the students. The spirit of co-operation &competitive environment on campus encourages us to interest &accomplish our goals. It’s simulating when we are allowed us to express our views & exchange design ideas. Verve is the best choice because it combines knowledge, virtues & creativity. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I am proud to be a part of its vibrant, unique & culturally friendly community .

Sakshi Nachani

Sakshi Nachani (Interior Design Student - VERVE, Batch: July 2015)

"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye!" And VERVE is one of the best institute to direct our mind to achieve our designing goals. Being a student, I wrapped a real life experience around the assignments, and it is a tremendous learning experience! All life is comprised of Design- Light, Pattern, Texture, Colour, and Form. During the course, I began to look at things differently and study things with an educated eye. VERVE - The School of Design & Vastu can give a fly to our creativity and designing dreams!

Kshipra Linjara

Kshipra Linjara (Interior Design Student - VERVE Batch: July 2015)

"Space is a reflection of its inmates. A blank room can be transformed into a grand spectacle by mere reflection of a few ideas." To pursue my career in design field, I searched high and low for the best possible interior design school that would serve my 'big picture' goals while also fascilitating my schedule. At VERVE the material is very well put together and covers every element of design that one might need to know before striking on their own. It has been a great experience as one gets a chance to learn a process that follows a systematic & coordinated methodology, including research, analysis & integration of knowledge into the creative process & thereby producing an interior space that fulfills the project goals. This course successfully wraps years of study into one intensive year. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is seriously looking to take their designer passion and talent to the next level.

Bhawana Massey

Bhawana Massey (Interior Design Student - VERVE Batch: July 2005)

Interior Designing is not just my hobby but my passion too. I got to know about VERVE through my friends and thing it is the best design school in terms of infrastructure and the facilities provided here. At verve, we have practical based learning. We share a very cordial relationship with our teachers, who are more like friends. I am proud to be associated with verve. I learnt and grew up so much during my span at verve and I highly recommend verve to anyone who is looing to study Interior Design. There is no place like verve. Because of the guidance of my faculty, I have become much more confident in my design, space planning.

Kanistha Gupta

Kanistha Gupta (Interior Design Student - VERVE Batch: July 2015)

“ I Appreciate my work, definitely a good investment for me…” I had a great time at VERVE – The School of Design & Vastu. It is very helpful in achieving my career goals& convert my endeavors into real-time world. Excellent facilities at VERVE institute inspired me to give my best. I am very thankful to the faculty that gave me knowledge & confidence & had brought a new dimension into my life to achieve a successful career. I would actually recommend everyone to join it is the best institute…

Geenal Kothari

Geenal Kothari Interior Design Student – VERVE Batch: March 2013

It was great experience to be a part of verve....verve introduced me and my dream both....designing was my dream....and after getting married, due to lack of was not possible for me to join any designing course....but verve made it possible.... in verve ..there is a friendly environment....highly qualified faculty..... flexibility of time in batches.... if we compare the overall course and syllabus... verve's course is designed in such a way, that it prepares the student to enter the market directly and work as a architect other words...we can say that ..course is so vast that it covers almost each and every topic...point...which is helpful in building a career in designing field.......after joining verve...i came to develop my skills.. ..from which i was not aware.

Kavisha Manwani

Kavisha Manwani

Being a student, I am well aware of the problems that students face. The most basic & important one is lack of motivation. But, as a student of VERVE, I feel obliged to share my journey where my mentor cum Guide GAURAV SINGHVI Sir has been a constant support. I can clearly see the progress in me & his motivation is the root cause behind it. I had joined the Institute to prepare for entrances of NID & IIT. The course includes language (English) command logical reasoning, G.K. abilities & drawing skills. The drawing part includes still life sketching, human figures, imaginations, environment; all together it is about; HOW ONE's PERCEPTION ABOUT THINGS CAN BE DIFFERENT. The learning at VERVE is lot more fun to do as compared to other design coachings, Listening music while sketching becomes more over a recreational activity & leads to Relaxation of mind from the hectic monotonous routine of continuous tuitions. Therefore,I am glad I Chose VERVE.... FOR ANY CREATIVE FIELD, THE PATH GOES THROUGH VERVE!!!!!

Kritika Joshi

Kritika Joshi

Hello, I am KRITIKA JOSHI, student of woman’s polytechnic college Udaipur; I am doing interior designing three year diploma courses from there. I have already completed 2 years & now I am doing Summer Training at “VERVE “ - The School of Design & Vastu. The best part of Verve is that every course here is designed in a way that, it can be done along with the college. Only 2 hours of classes everyday & we get the advantage of dual education, & hence save time of our life. This is the only place where coaching for entrance examinations of all the architecture & design colleges are given – like NATA, NID, NIFT etc. It’s fun to be here as lot of site visits are done, each & everything is taught in a practical way. We actually tend to learn easily & understand what design & construction is all about. I regret the decision of Joining Govt Polytechnic, after i knowing the curriculum. Here the teaching method is entirely different, the classroom is not a jail here...or a closed class room. Movie hall, shopping malls are the classrooms. After knowing the details, its curriculum, its practical work approach, students knowledge, work environment, of “VERVE “ I would recommend everyone to join “VERVE” who is interested in making a career in Interior design or Furniture Design Industry or want to prepare for Architecture.

Prashant Kumawat

Prashant Kumawat awarded with various certificates during my course

Hello everyone. My Name is Prashant Kumawat and I am pursuing interior, architecture designing and Vastu shastra from VERVE INSTITUTE OF INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE DESIGNING AND VASTUSHASTRA. This journey started about a year ago when I joined this prestigious institute. It was a great experience till now, and it helped me in numerous ways to become better and direct me to pursue my endeavors in life. This program helped me improve my skill set as an architect, that is, planning , colour themes , designing, Vastu shastra, furniture design, measurements, heritage architecture and various types of modern services and their products and many more. I've been awarded with various certificates during my course of time with the institute. This is a great learning platform for those who aspire to become an architect in their future. The faculty is very helping and meticulous. They are available 24×7 to help and are keen in helping students and teaching their respective subjects. This program focuses on both the aspects of the subject that is theoretical and practical. The faculty of the institute is well experienced and skilled. I also got an opportunity to work on sites with actual ongoing projects. Thank you VERVE.

Uma Oad

Uma Oad Mene bhot kuch sikaha mere skills me bhi development hua

I am very glad ki Mene verve school ko join kiya Mene bhot kuch sikaha mere skills me bhi development hua like learning drafting and colour combination . I am very excited ki me aage bhot kuch sikhungi I am ready for this excitement thank u so much verve school and sir ,mam

Pooja Surana

Pooja Surana Nata coaching

It was a good experience to be the part of VERVE. I came here for Nata coaching and learned many things beyond our syllabus. I improved my drawing, mental ability and my imagination power too. So, overall I feel good to experience this at least once.

Kiranjit Kaur

Kiranjit Kaur Vastu

It was a great experience. I got a lot of knowledge about Vastu Shastra. And a great lecture I had by Mr. Gaurav Singhvi sir. Thank you so much sir for the wonderful class.

Swati Agrawal

Swati Agrawal

Here is the place you can feel your creativity in many way. all satisfaction of life you can get here. I think so very nice.