Since 2004, Under the Corporate Social Responsibility, VERVE- The School of Design & Vastu, helps financially poor, Needy, creative students to make their career in the field of Interior Design, so that they can lead their future live in the respectable manner. VERVE works for ‘the change’ in the society which everyone of us desire for. You can also be a part in the following ways.

a) You can pay for the course fees for the students to make them skilled in the field of interior architecture design. it can be one or many, depends on how much you want to donate. We make sure that they start earning in the respectable way for rest of their lives.
b) You can find such students & get them enrolled with us for the diploma program, who are creative, falls under below poverty line.
c) You can donate the money, old or new laptops, stationary etc. to the school, so that, they can use them for their learning to build their career.
d) You as individual or a group of friends or family or team, can be a regular or occasional donor (like on the birthdays, wedding anniversary, death anniversary of your friends & family) & can pay for the fees from one thousand to any amount, when ever you have a feeling to do something for the society or in the memory of your loved ones.
e) You can have the scholarship program in the name of your loved ones.

Note: VERVE teaches two financially poor creative students free every year from the directors fund.

Our Donors:
(1) Retd. IAS. Sh. M L Jain Sb.
(2) Retd. AGM of PNB Sh. S K Singhvi Sb
(3) Dr. Vishal Gupta from Australia