Founded in 2004, Verve – The School of Design and Vastu is a private, not-for-profit institute devoted to the design of the interior environment and related disciplines. It is Registered Under MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises. It is dedicated to the advancement of the discipline of interior design through education, research, professional development, public programs and community outreach.


We invite you to VERVE – The School of Design & Vastu. We understand you are different and unique & have a strong desire to succeed – and that is why at VERVE, we have everything completely centered around you. Exciting campus & evolved curriculum, high-tech facilities, courteous & helpful staff, dedicated & professional faculty, and most affordable fees. Here we dance, we sing, we party, we move around to see the world, and learn naturally by experiencing. we believe in stress-free learning, away from parents’ & teachers’ continuous pressures, we give a friendly atmosphere, and we make you feel, that it’s your own space, your own world, where you can be yourself. we make you a free thinker, and give you the courage to spread your wings to fly in the world of design. – A space where one can laugh, giggle, shout in excitement, dance, sing and at the same time sit in silence soaking in the environment, delving deeper into a question whose answer everyone seeks — ‘Who am I and what is my purpose in life?’ or in exploring one’s passion and sharing one’s talent. This is a space where one can ask questions, seek answers, and engage in meaningful conversations and discussions. This is a space where one doesn’t have to worry about being judged and can share with gay abandon and quench one’s thirst for making meaning, and making sense of one’s existence. Verve is one place where you will love to learn. Discover what & how?


  • As IIM is the Best B- School (Business School), Verve is the best D-School (Design School) as it gives the practical training to the students & equips them with skills, which is required in Design Field.
  • Only Design School , which teaches 18 Subjects, with complete practical approach. The mission is to give to a Nation a fleet of  successful Interior Design Entrepreneur.
  • Verve is founded To develop high moral, ethical and professional standards & aptitude among all students to improve overall personality.
  • To make Future Generation Skilled for becoming entrepreneurs & not just job seekers.
  • To Empowering Women to be Financially Dependent whether they are Married, Divorced, Seperated or Single.


  • To achieve academic distinction in Skill Development, Career Oriented Design Education of the most ancient Profession namely Interior Design.
  • With the saturation of Various professional regular fields, the need for new options is required.
  • To develop high moral, ethical, and professional standards & aptitude among all students to improve overall personality. – Motivation, hard work, and lifelong learning attitude.
  • To equip students with the requisite skills, to stand read high in the highly competitive world.
    To develop in them the spirit to compete and strive for excellence in the most promising career of Design.


The objective is to create awareness about the offbeat career paths for students, who are not interested in doing regular courses. Competition is getting tough every year, the population is growing at an uncontrolled speed, and reservations & other issues are actually making life difficult for regular curriculum studies. Thus need occurs to look for diversions in the field, which is upcoming & lacks saturation. The aim is to create Design Professionals who will be a leader in tomorrow’s Interior Design Industry. Creating professional achievers in the field of Interior Designing, Furniture Designing, etc.

OUR USP’s that kees us Unique & different from others, since 2004

1) Students working in Saudi, Kuwait, and India in various Architecture/ Design Firms. Most of Them are Entrepreneurs.
2) Where Gardens, Restaurants, Hotels, Movie Halls, Shopping Malls, Forts, and Palaces will be your CLassrooms.
3) 20% Theory, 80 % Practical. Sheet Work, AutoCAD, and 3d Software like 3DS-MAX/Sketchup is Major part of the Syllabus.
4) Total of 15 Subjects are Taught to be Professional Interior designers.
5) Classes are taken by Professional Architects & Interior Designers.
6) Three Months of Internships under Renowned Architects & Interior Designers.
7) Regular Workshops, Product Demo by Companies.
8) Regular Site & Industrial visits to Understand the actual workings.
9) Participants of Students of all Local & National Level Events related to Interiors.
10) Regular Guest Lecturers, Model Making, and Yearly exhibitions of Students’ Work.
11) Flexibility of Time of Classes & Duration of Course.2 Hours Daily – 5 Days a week.
12) Curriculum Designed to do this along with the Graduation.
13) Maximum 12 Students Per Batch only.
14) Curriculum Designed to learn Practical Aspects & Knowledge of Interior Architecture Design Ondustry & not Just Bookish Knowledge.
15) Short-term & Long Term Professional Courses designed to cater the specific needs & financial status of the Students.